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 Sophos Biotech owns a portfolio of only oncological drugs and it is committed, not only to their development and distribution, but also to establish a direct dialogue with the healthcare professionals to promote a general correct use of the drugs with a specific focus on the generics. Furthermore, the company was founded with the precise purpose to increase awareness of the invaluable role played by the generics in the treatment of serious diseases such as cancer and how - maintaining top level efficacy and safety standards - they can help both State and patients to significantly cut their expenses.

Sophos Biotech aims to establish itself as the reliable pharmacological and professional counselling contact point for oncologists and all those involved in oncology; to provide top level products and services which would be of use to the daily clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic practices and to improve the patient's quality of life. To achieve these goals, we dedicate significant energies and resources to search our products basing our methodology on the highest level of efficacy, quality and safety and relying on the excellence of the European production facilities where all our products come from.

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